Flight Map, 2021

Found photographs, original photography, tape, ink

“Queer folks rarely have instruction manuals...a lot of our way towards desire is also towards selfknowledge. We learn on the fly. We shame failure, but for queer folks, failure becomes a necessary praxis towards success”
                                                                                                         —Ocean Vuong

Queerness often feels like a collage—deriving from the French word coller or to stick together—as it requires pulling apart and piecing together of disparate experiences and understandings in hopes of moving towards wholeness. Flight Map grabs hold of multiple queer histories within my own family. In this work our queerness is not isolated from one another; it exists in the same place and time. It does not fade into a whisper but instead is woven into my family’s visual memory. Here, queer flight—with all of its young decisions, leaving, distance, and transformation—is a journey where various generations meet and attempt to form an assemblage of queer ancestry and knowledge. I begin this work with a question: What if queerness held the same significance and care as the wedding photograph or the family portrait in the family photo album? In other words, what if queerness itself was the center?